Here is a collection of my poems. I will keep adding as time passes, however, so if there's only one or two, don't freak out. Some are kinda personal, so you may not get them...

What is pressure?
Pressure is
‘the use of influence
or intimidation
to make someone
do something’.
A dictionary definition.
Solid. Sure. Strong.
But it is much more than that.
Sometimes, you listen to the pressure
to make someone happy.

Perhaps for maybe
a moment,
I were to fight against pressure,
to see what pressure’s reaction would be.
but opposite,
I suppose.

the summer rain engulfs me as i
walk through my backyard

listening it pounds on
my head
the trees stand guard of the flowers
the raindrops falling only on the trees while
the flowerlings stand underneath

Unbroken, unharmed,

by the wind

Darkness surrounds me
the wind stops blowing
i stare at the tree, illuminated by the moonlight
a crack of thunder BOOMS and
my ears ring
no rain comes
pale light is what i see in the distance, foreshadowing my future