The little girl who often walks home
She loves to take a shortcut
So when she sees the sign by the side of the road
She turns
And walks on alone

She walks through the tunnel
Into the night
Where so many have wandered before
The lanterns and candles that light the path
Throw shadows flickering through the forest

The shadows that wander
Cackle with delight
“Come closer, little girl
You’re in for a fright!”
“No thanks, I’ll just go on home.”

She comes to a clearing
Filled with what?
Piles of graves
Surrounded with pumpkins
And in the center, on an alter, sits
A jack-o’-lantern

“Little girl
Are you Lost?
I can help you find anything
Are you Looking for the Way
To your Home?”

“No thank you, kind pumpkin
I can find the Way on my own
But Sir, are you alright here?
In this graveyard
Aren’t you scared?”

“Little girl
I am the Jack’O’Lantern that hides
Nothing can harm me
However, in this forest
There are many evil creatures
You should turn back”

It is now that she notices
The shadows that turn and stare
They belong to the people who were desperate
And the monsters who devour your heart

“Little girl
In these woods
Bad things occur
Such as that Curse
You know the one”

She sees the ones who came before
Who asked, and received
The ones who fill the graves
And who summoned the ravens

“I will ask for something then, Sir Pumpkin
I will ask one thing”

“Yes, Little girl, what is it?”

“Do you know my name?”

“I should, but I don’t”

“My name is *********”

And with that, it vanished into the night

No one can find the Jack’O’Lantern anymore
Not when they look
If you take the shortcut through the woods
Then you might find

A path to the night