District 1: Jainy and Tod

District 2: Donny and Donna

District 3: Lisel and Donegal

District 4: Natalie and Robert

District 5: Rosa and Joseph

District 6: Clohie and Pedro

District 7: Luna and Harry

District 8: Lilly and Ronald

District 9: Tobias Quill and Tris Flyer

District 10: Lala and Jackson

District 11: Elijah and Vanilla

District 12: Ally and Austin

Chapter 1. The Reapings

I wake up searching for my mum knowing that today she would want spend the whole day together. Of course she would beacose today is the reaping but I got to go the harvest. I leave a note for her saying that I wish that we could spend the day together but we can beacouse I got to go to work. Love you!

I walk to the field where its the food and start taking out the vegtables and the grain. Then I hear that a new kid has come and I ask myself who would it be and as I turn around, I see Tobias Quill, the mayors kid. And I ask myself why is he here? He is rich and has many power betwins us. After I snap back into reality, I see that Tob is right next to me.

Hey, Im Tobias- he says. I look at him weird.

Im Tris- I say waiting for the mayor to come and snatch his kid- What are you doing here?

My father says that I must learn my lesson- he says while taking out the grain

And did you do?- I ask

I fell in love with a farmers daughter- he says while his father talks- and I did not say anything to her

Well you should tell her, more simple and you can do it here.- I said happier than ever since Dad died.

Can I practice on you?- he said and I thought that the girl that he is in love with is very lucky. I had a crush on him since I sit with him,one time he said that I was the only girl that was not trying to impress him and that was why we where together all the time, and in school, we rarely talk and we end up being pared up for much projects which suits us just fine.

Sure-I said

I love you and I would like to date you- he said

See? Go tell her- I said with a smile- Its simple!

I just did-he said getting close to me. I stand in amoument and see his father giving him a thunbs up.He gets in front of me and puts his hands around my waist.

Why did you had to tell me today?- I ask on his ear

What do you mean?- He says in my ear

Today is the reaping, remember? One of us could be chosen?- I saying it out loud which hurts even more

Well if you do get chosen I will volunteir- He says as he puts her hand on my face. His father comes towards us and I try to get awy from him but his grip is unbreakble.

So this is the girl- the mayor said- You chose well my son, welcome to the family, miss

I smile- Thanks mayor, I will take good care of him

Please,call me Dad- he said with a sweet smile

Thanks ma... Dad- I say

Well, now that you are in a relationship with the mayor son, if you dont get reaped today, I invite you and your family to my house for supper- he said

Well, I will see you there- I say- I got to go home to get ready for the reapings-I say after he is gone

No!- he said forcefuly, griping me even tigther

Hey, hey why?- I say kind of scared

My mother makes dresses and I kind of told her that I will tell you today about my feelings and she make you and your mother one.-he said with a sweet voice and I melted

Sure- I said with a giggle

Im going to go with you and take your mother and then my house,beutiful?- he said again with a sweet voice and I once again melted

Yes lets go- I said once again with a giggle. We go hand to hand to my house and he knock. My mother anwser and sees our hands and takes me inside breaking the grip

What is the mayor son doing here and why where you holding hands, did you get in problems?- Mom said searching my eyes like fantrict

He is here beacose he wanted to invite you to his house. We where holding hands beacose I am kind of his girlfriend and no I did not get in trouble- I said calmly

Why are you calm about this?- Mom said

What?- I said confuised

Why are you so calm about being the girlfriend of the mayors son?- Mom asked fanticaly

He was my friend- I look at the clook- Mom we got to go to the Mayor´s House now

Okay lets go- said Mom opening the door

We walk in silence to the Mayor´s house and Tob knocks on the door

Who is it?-askes a strange man 

Its me Tobias, plus two- he says taking my hand

A strange man opends the door- Welcome misses.

Oh miss, no one has said that to me since the accident- Mom says smiling

Well lets get inside- Tob says. His mother made the two dresses in the color of grain which me and my mother love. She cuts mine beacose its to large and mothers is just fine. When I look in the mirror I see me and Tob like we are getting maried and I hope that we dont get reaped today. We hear the bell singnaling that we have to go to the square. Me and Tob wait hand to hand in the line to get pricked when is our turn we break the grip.

I see you after!- he says before he is draged in to 16 year olds boys place. They take to the 16 year old girl and everyone look at me weird knowing that I´m not usally dress like this. 

Why are you so fancy?-some whispers in my ear. I turn around and see my best friend, Tania.

I am the girlfriend of the Mayor´s son and I can call him Dad- I say in her ear. She burst out laughin.- No its true

Okay I belive you- she says before the escord starts talking.

Welcome, welcome to the anual reaping in District 9- says  she says everyone knowing she just want to get up in a fresher district- We have a very especial film brought to you by the Capitol-she point at the screen. We watch in silent, since is the same film every year. The Capitol loved the district but they had to had a rebelion. When the war was over the Capitol decided that the Dark Days should never be repeted. They inveted the Hunger Games and they have a victor beacose of their generosite. 

I just love that!-says the escord after the film is finish

Just get to the reaping!-says someone on the back

Ladies first!-she crosses the stage and takes a paper- Tris Flyer!

Tob and the mayors gaps and I feel I´m going to pass out.

Where are you dear?-says the escort. I start walking to the stage and the Peacekeepers sorunds me.- What is your name?

Tris Flyer-I say freaking out about Tob

Any volenteres?-askes the escord and seeing nobody is going to see cross the stage and gets